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Surekleen Services Janitorial business understands that each office environment may require a flexible cleaning services to fit specific company specific needs, government workspaces, and details. Based on the individual requirements of your office, professional office cleaning services may include dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, trash removal, mopping, hard surface sanitizing etc.

No matter how many employees you have, Surekleen will work with you to execute a program to address your daily, weekly, and monthly professional cleaning needs.

What better way to welcome personnel officers’ vendors and guest with entrances and lobbies that have bright shining windows and doors, spotless surfaces, and reception areas. As soon as they arrive, you’ll make a great first impression that will last. With proper hard floor surface maintenance and daily carpet care, will make sure all your high-traffic public areas like hallways corridor’s and stairwells are always clean and inviting.

Offices, workstations, and conference rooms are where most of each day’s activities can be found, and keeping them free of germs dirt and dust is essential to great employee health and well-being. From high dusting to waste removal, Surekleen services will keep your workplace spotless. Your personnel will notice the attention to detail we give to every single desk, cabinet, and chair. Our teams are trained to properly clean office system equipment from desktop Items to large printers, which will keep you and your team effective and productive.

In shared, commonly used areas such as break-rooms kitchens, conference rooms and restrooms, keeping a clean, sanitary space is of the upmost importance. To stop odors, maintain excellent indoor air quality, and make sure workplace health is maintained, you’ll find our Sterilization services to be superior and effective throughout your builds work environments.


Surekleen Services Janitorial Services Includes

  • Hard surface floor maintenance and cleaning
  • Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning services
  • Detailed hard surface office cleaning
  • Hard surface sterilization services
  • Lobby and entrance cleaning
  • Mold remediation
  • Waste removal
  • Military bases
  • Construction cleaning
  • Biohazards Infectious Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our cleaning personnel provides services with integrity and professionalism that you can trust.Time and again business personnel turn to SureKleen services, which are proven leaders in the commercial cleaning service industry. If your facility is in need of a fresh start with a new cleaning company, or needs to replace an existing cleaning company, Surekleen services is the right choice.

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